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SPB Sermon || Psalm 9:1-12 || The Beauty of Hope || The Psalms

Church News: A Deep Dive into the Meaning and Impact of Hope - Psalm 9:1-12 St Pauls & St Barnabas, Belfast The notion of hope has been a cornerstone of Christian belief, but have we ever stopped to think about its far-reaching implications in our daily lives? Minister Andrew Irwin delves into this profound concept in a recent sermon at St Pauls & St Barnabas, challenging us to ponder the real essence of hope. Drawing upon his recent travels, experiences in ministering around Belfast, and a trip to the United States, Andrew observes that our world is grappling with an epidemic of hopelessness. Recent studies from Barnardos indicate that a staggering 67% of young people have diminished hope for the future. Andrew argues that this lack of hope isn't just a societal issue but has permeated the Church itself. "The Church should be the most hopeful place in the world," he states, emphasising that our hope is grounded

Warmth in the Midst of Winter: Join Us in the Winter Coat Proje

Warmth in the Midst of Winter: Join Us in the Winter Coat Project Warmth in the Midst of Winter: Join Us in the Winter Coat Project Imagine a cold winter's night in Belfast. Rain pours relentlessly, the wind howls, and the chill in the air cuts deep. It's a scene all too familiar for many in our community, where the unforgiving weather can be a daunting challenge. In these moments, a warm coat can be the difference between a difficult struggle and a glimmer of hope. It's a shield against the elements, a source of comfort, and a tangible expression of care from one human being to another. It's a reminder that, in our darkest hours, there are those who stand beside us, ready to offer warmth and support. The Winter Coat Project: Extending a Hand of Warmth In the spirit of compassion and community, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Winter Coat Project. This initiative holds great significance for us and aligns wit

Harvest 2023 with Raymond Kettyle

Amidst the changing seasons of our lives, we find ourselves in a continuous search for meaning and redemption. In this podcast episode, we have the privilege of delving into the timeless wisdom of the Gospel, specifically the profound message of Zacchaeus from Luke 19. Rev. Raymond Kettyle, the dedicated rector of St. John's Parish in Lurgan, passionately shares this transformative sermon during his visit to St. Paul's & Barnabas Church of Ireland. As we journey through this episode, we uncover the resounding message of God's unwavering goodness. Zacchaeus, a man known for his moral shortcomings and the despise of his community, seeks something greater. Climbing a tree to overcome his limitations, he unknowingly embarks on a life-altering encounter with Jesus. Rev. Kettyle masterfully brings to light the beauty of redemption and transformation that flows from this encounter. It's a reminder that God's goodness knows no bounds, extending to all, regardless of pas