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A Holy Week Reflection: Captivated by The Cross (John 12:1-8)

A small card arrives in the post, flowers appear on our doorstep, or words are whispered in our ear. What are they? We might always find ourselves expressing thanks or at the end when thankfulness is expressed to us. I wonder how you would choose to say thank you to someone. It depends on what someone might have done for us, right? Our thankfulness directly correlates to the action that we are giving thanks for! For example, if someone bought us a nice Tea towel, we might say thank you with a hug or handshake – it would feel an appropriate way to express our gratitude. So thankfulness is directly related to the action we have received and how it has made us feel. To put it another way: If you were driving home from work one evening on a dark winter night with the rain pouring and poor visibility, where you are fighting with the windscreen wipers to see the road in front of you. Imagine that you suddenly felt a thrust of energy and your car moving in a direction apart from the one you w

Will You Join us This Week (of all weeks) at Church

  As we approach the Christian Holy Week, we are reminded of the tremendous significance that this week holds in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ. This week commemorates the last days of Jesus Christ, leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection. It is a time of deep reflection and contemplation, where we are called to focus our attention on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. The Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, which marks the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where He was welcomed by the crowds waving palm branches and shouting, "Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" (Matthew 21:9). This day is a reminder of the importance of acknowledging Jesus as our King and Lord. The following days of the Holy Week lead us through the Last Supper, where Jesus shared bread and wine with His disciples, signifying His body and blood. This was a foreshadowing of His sacrificial death, which He would soon undergo for the