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Preaching Ministry || John 10:1-21 || The Goodness of the Shepherd || Rev Andrew Irwin

Reflecting on the Good Shepherd - A Sermon by Andrew Irwin Reflecting on the Good Shepherd This week at St. Paul's & St. Barnabas, Andrew Irwin shared a compelling sermon titled "The Goodness of the Shepherd," which we are excited to bring to our wider church community through our podcast. In his message, Andrew draws from the well-known biblical metaphor of the Good Shepherd to offer insights into how this image can influence and guide our daily lives as followers of Christ. The sermon delves into the characteristics of sheep, known for their need for constant care and guidance, and parallels this to our own spiritual journey. Andrew uses simple yet vivid language to describe the protective and guiding nature of Jesus, our Shepherd, emphasizing the personal and communal implications of accepting His leadership in our lives. By discussing real-life observations and biblical texts, the sermon invites us to reflect on our own responsiveness to J