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Jesus Speaks | An Irresistible Invitation | Mark 1:14-20

Jesus Speaks | An Irresistible Invitation | Mark 1:14-20 Jesus Speaks | An Irresistible Invitation | Mark 1:14-20 It is the most normal of days, in the most normal of scenes, as two sets of brothers are going about their everyday lives normally, with no thought of anything different nor any desire to change it. Yet, into their normal, God interrupts with the most normal of invitations, yet with the most profound eternal implications. Two words are spoken: “Follow me”, and four lives are changes that would eventually turn their world and the entire world upside down. How would you respond? Or perhaps the better question is, how could you not respond to such an invitation for Jesus? Join us as we consider the call of four brothers who would leave everything to follow Jesus and, in time, take on his mission and mandate to change the world. Listen in as Andrew, our Ministers, challenges us to consider how we, as individual followers of Jesus, are living out
God Speaks to Us: A Reflection from St Paul's & St Barnabas, Belfast Listening for God’s Voice in the Midst of Modern Distractions In the bustling parish of North Belfast, the community at St Paul's & St Barnabas is engaging in a vital conversation about the importance of listening to God's voice. In a recent podcast episode led by Reverend Andrew Irwin, the story of Samuel from 1 Samuel 3:1-10 serves as a powerful example. It reminds the congregation that hearing God's voice requires not only attention but also a heart ready to respond. The episode addresses a common challenge in today's society: the difficulty of discerning God's guidance amidst constant noise. From social media to daily stresses, the distractions are endless. Reverend Irwin emphasises how, like Samuel, believers might struggle to recognise God's voice at first. However, with patience and guidance, as Eli pro

The Name of Jesus (Luke 2:16-21) - SPB Sermon Summary

The Name of Jesus (Luke 2:16-21) - SPB Sermon Summary Understanding the Depth of God's Call Through Names In a recent sermon at St. Paul's & St. Barnabas, the message focused on the biblical significance of names and God's unique way of calling individuals, irrespective of their social standing or abilities. The sermon highlighted how names in biblical times held profound meanings and often reflected God's purpose for an individual's life. This was evident in instances where God renamed individuals, such as Jacob becoming Israel and Abram transforming into Abraham, signifying a new divine purpose in their lives. The sermon also delved into the story of the shepherds in the Bible. Contrary to societal expectations, these ordinary individuals were the first to receive the divine announcement of Jesus' birth. This narrative serves as a powerful reminder that God's concern transcends earthly notions of power a

Embracing the Unchanging Nature of God: A Message for the New Year

Embracing the Unchanging Nature of God: A Message for the New Year Reverend Andrew Irwin Reflects on God's Constancy in a Changing World In his insightful sermon at St Paul's & St Barnabas, Reverend Andrew Irwin offered profound reflections on embracing the unchanging nature of God as we step into the new year. He encouraged us to view the passage of time through the lens of God's eternal presence and love. Reverend Irwin spoke about the traditional notion of New Year's resolutions and the societal pressure to transform ourselves with the dawn of a new year. He challenged this perspective by emphasizing that, despite the changes around us, God remains a constant and unchanging presence in our lives. Delving into the themes of anxiety and anger that have marked recent years, Reverend Irwin encouraged listeners to find solace and strength in God's immutable nature. He illustrated this through biblica