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Hope Dawns: A Podcast Exploration of Mark 1:1-8

  Hope Dawns: A Podcast Exploration of Mark 1:1-8 Hope Dawns: A Podcast Exploration of Mark 1:1-8 In a recent podcast, our minister, Rev. Andrew Irwin, offered an insightful exploration of Mark 1:1-8, a passage rich with themes of hope and anticipation that are particularly resonant during the Advent season. The podcast delves into the unique characteristics of Mark’s Gospel, known for its rapid and urgent narrative style. This approach underscores the immediacy and importance of the message of Jesus Christ. Rev. Irwin skillfully unpacks the text, revealing how Mark portrays Jesus not as the Messiah expected by the world, but as the true Savior offering a different kind of hope and kingdom. Highlights from the podcast include: An analysis of the urgency in Mark's narrative, emphasizing the swift delivery of Jesus' message. Insights into the identity of Jesus as the Messi
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Navigating Life with Christ's Wisdom

The driveway to my house is tiny; getting the car in or out requires a lot of focus and manoeuvring.  All the aids that come with the vehicle help this process, as I can use the Wing mirror and the front mirror to judge the space around the car and the direction of my slow reverse.  One of the great aids in that process has been my reversing sensors, which, through their delicate beeps, let me know how close I might be to removing some of my paintwork from the side of the car.  Those tools are helpful every day in helping me navigate my driving away and some of the everyday situations that I might find myself driving through. Over the last few weeks, a challenging issue has arisen.  My parking sensors have started to play up; it is not that they do not come on (that would be okay); it is that as soon as they start, they sound out that flat beep, which means you are technically up against something. Suddenly, the driveway becomes a very different scenario because my ears tell me I am ag

A Festive Celebration: St. Paul’s & St. Barnabas Hosts Christmas Nativity Panto with Play it by Ear || 10th December from 10:30 AM

Christmas Nativity Panto at St. Paul’s & St. Barnabas A Festive Celebration: St. Paul’s & St. Barnabas Hosts Christmas Nativity Panto with Play it by Ear Belfast, Northern Ireland: As the festive season approaches, St. Paul’s & St. Barnabas Church in Belfast is gearing up to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through an exciting and unique event. On Sunday, the 10th of December from 10:30 AM , the church is set to host a Christmas Nativity Panto, in collaboration with the renowned drama group, Play it by Ear. A Blend of Tradition and Creativity This event promises to be a heartwarming blend of traditional nativity storytelling and the creative flair of pantomime. Play it by Ear, a Christian drama company formed by Chris and Ross, will lead this special event. Known for their dynamic approach to faith-based drama, they have a reputation for engaging audiences across Ireland and the UK with their interactive and thought-provoking perfor

Psalm 10 || Standing Firm While We Wait Upon the Lord

This week at St Pauls & St Barnabas, our minister Andrew presented a compelling sermon from Psalm 10, titled "Standing Firm While Waiting for God." In his sermon, delivered on November 18, 2023, Andrew explored the challenging themes of this Psalm, particularly focusing on the experience of feeling distant from God in times of injustice and moral uncertainty. Psalm 10 poignantly addresses the struggle between good and evil, a struggle that is as relevant today as it was in biblical times. Andrew's interpretation sheds light on the Psalmist's questioning of God's presence in the face of wickedness and oppression. He encourages us to find strength and resilience in our faith, even when God's intervention seems delayed or absent. "The LORD is King for ever and ever; the nations will perish from his land. You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry." - Psalm 10:16-17

Remembrance Sunday Service: A Message of Faith (Hebrews 11:32-12:3)

Reflections on Remembrance Sunday Remembrance Sunday Service: A Message of Faith and Heroism Location: St. Pauls & St. Barnabas Church, Belfast On this solemn Remembrance Sunday, our congregation came together to honor the memory of those who have valiantly served and sacrificed in the armed forces and police service. It was a day not only of remembrance but also of profound reflection on the themes of faith, heroism, and sacrifice. We invite you to listen to the full sermon and join us in reflecting on the lessons of faith and heroism that continue to inspire us. Click below to listen to the podcast: The service was led by Rev. Alan Cross, who delivered a moving message based on the Scripture from Hebrews 11:32-12:3. Rev. Cross drew parallels between the biblical figures of faith and our modern-day heroes. He spoke about how these figures, through their faith, achieved great deeds, faced immense challenges, and stood firm in the face of adv

Hope in Every Situation Because of God: A Message from Psalm 9:13-20

Hope in Every Situation Because of God: A Message from Psalm 9:13-20 Hope in Every Season: A Message from Psalm 9 In this week's sermon, Reverend Andrew Irwin from St. Paul's & St. Barnabas Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland, delivered a thought-provoking message centered around Psalm 9. The sermon beautifully explores the theme of hope in Christ, emphasizing its significance in various seasons of life. Reverend Irwin began by sharing personal reflections on his experiences wandering and exploring cities, drawing parallels to the contrasting aspects of life in a bustling city. He shared a moving encounter with a man who had experienced both success and tragedy, yet found unwavering hope in God. The sermon continued with a deep dive into Psalm 9, where Reverend Irwin delved into the challenges and despair we may face in difficult situations. He encouraged the congregation to be honest in their prayers and to seek God's presence, even in the darkest moment

SPB Sermon || Psalm 9:1-12 || The Beauty of Hope || The Psalms

Church News: A Deep Dive into the Meaning and Impact of Hope - Psalm 9:1-12 St Pauls & St Barnabas, Belfast The notion of hope has been a cornerstone of Christian belief, but have we ever stopped to think about its far-reaching implications in our daily lives? Minister Andrew Irwin delves into this profound concept in a recent sermon at St Pauls & St Barnabas, challenging us to ponder the real essence of hope. Drawing upon his recent travels, experiences in ministering around Belfast, and a trip to the United States, Andrew observes that our world is grappling with an epidemic of hopelessness. Recent studies from Barnardos indicate that a staggering 67% of young people have diminished hope for the future. Andrew argues that this lack of hope isn't just a societal issue but has permeated the Church itself. "The Church should be the most hopeful place in the world," he states, emphasising that our hope is grounded